School Completion

School finishing courses (Classes 9 through 12, but a student can join at any stage) are an increasingly popular way to enter into university undergraduate degree programmes in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK & USA.

What are they?

They are courses designed specifically for students to help them attain the right level of qualifications and skills they need to succeed at Western university degree level. They are typically available as an intensive two or four year programme of academic subjects, study skills and English language preparation. 2-4 year courses in Australia, Canada & UK offer a range of proven and practical benefits for students aspiring to go on for further studies in elite universities. Here are seven of them.

Designed for international students

International students face unique challenges when they get to overseas universities. It’s why ASFM Consultancy Private Limited has tied up with schools of the best repute in Australia, Canada & UK. These courses are specifically designed to address the needs of students from all over the world. They’re tailored to students to ensure that they are academically ready and personally confident enough to take on and succeed at an undergraduate course at an overseas university.

Fills any gaps in knowledge between high school and university

Education standards differ around the globe, from state to state and country to country. Teaching methods differ, the number of study hours varies, and qualifications differ too. It is well known that school curriculum is also designed to help a school student cope with the challenges of studies at Colleges or Universities within the same country. However, a school student who intends to study overseas will face challenges when asked to adjust to the curriculum and atmosphere in a foreign land. A school leaving certificate from the country which is being targeted for undergraduate studies will level out the differences and get all students up to standard. So whether it’s some key subject you’re lacking in, or simply your English language skills that need some attention, a foreign education at school level can help you attain the skills you need to move forward.

Academic classes combined with English language

For many international students, language is the most daunting aspect of studying abroad. While your academic record may be excellent, if you aren’t used to studying or speaking in English every day, or your English language qualifications aren’t up to speed, you may struggle on a degree course taught in English to native English speakers. Schooling in these countries, most of which speak only English as the common language, can help you prepare by providing focused training in the kind of academic English that will help you in your future degree studies.

Specialise in your chosen field

In your final two years of school, you can choose from a wide range of subjects to suit the degree programme you wish to study for in future. It involves studying core modules peculiar to each subject, plus a set of subject-specific modules that are carefully designed to focus on the academic areas most useful to your future chosen degree. This helps you plan your entire future from a very young age.

Get used to the country where you intend to do your further studies

With a local school leaving certificate from you’ll have an advantage over students entering higher education straight from schools in other countries. All our Secondary School courses are taught using the most modern tools for teaching, often on-campus, with lectures, tutorials and seminar-style classes. All this helps prepare you better for your future university studies. You will also start applying to universities of your choice while still in school, giving you a huge advantage over students who have to await their board results before even considering their future.

Time to adjust

Arriving at the place you want to study, a year or two before you begin your university education gives you plenty of time to settle into everyday life, not just academic life. It means you have time to make friends, soak up those cultural differences and practical things like finding your way around town. It puts you in touch with other students who are experiencing just the same fear and excitement as you, ensuring you’re on a firm foundation when you begin your undergraduate course.

A guaranteed university place

Once you completed your schooling and achieve the required grades, you’ll be guaranteed entry into the first year of your chosen undergraduate degree at your chosen university. And needless to say, English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS & PTE are totally irrelevant when your school leaving certificate is from an English speaking country.

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