A written Statement of Purpose (SOP), also known as a Personal Statement, is your opportunity to help the Admissions Committee understand your academic objectives and to determine whether you are a good match for their program. Accordingly, your SOP is an essential component of a winning university application.

Having supported many students in writing effective and authentic Personal Statements, we can share our expertise and offer you this competitive advantage. We will guide you from start to finish and encourage you to draw upon your personal experiences and passions and we will illustrate how to best describe your academic and non-academic accomplishments, including any volunteer or community involvement. We will then review and provide feedback on your draft Personal Statement and help you strengthen it for the relevant university and degree program.

Your SOP is a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and demonstrate your potential to be a successful degree student.

Some academic institutions may also require a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) to support your application. We can also provide guidance on securing an appropriate LOR if and when required by the institution.

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